Birkbeck’s 2021-22 learning environment

Arrangements for returning in person 和 on campus, Spring Term 2021-22

在2021-22学年, CA88官网提供 结合面对面教学 由世界一流的学者和 高质量的在线学习 机会, creating an exceptional educational experience, while ensuring 的 safety of students. 以下信息是与CA88官网学生会代表协商后制定的.

Teaching in person 和 on campus will restart in 的 week commencing 2022年2月14日. This will be complemented by high quality online support. 对于一些系,本周将是阅读周,没有安排教学活动. You should check your online timetable in 我的CA88官网 f或者是 exact dates, times, location of your next class. Until 14 February all classes will remain online.

A full list of FAQs on returning to campus from 14 February is available on Ask.

在2021-22学年, you will benefit from:

  • a blend of in-person 和 online teaching with a focus on interactive learning, supported by high-quality digital learning materials
  • 一个清晰的, 一致的, easy to navigate virtual learning environment, designed with accessibility in mind, to improve 的 student experience
  • a unique experience with each programme of study
  • access to on-campus study spaces, 的 CA88官网图书馆, its extensive collection of eBooks
  • building mitigations including good ventilation, 要求戴口罩, strong encouragement 给学生 和 staff to be fully vaccinated
  • a range of in-person 和 online student services to support you during your academic journey. 这包括学习技巧, 学生的建议, 职业服务及残疾, 心理健康, 和咨询支持.
  • access to a range of financial support packages, including a digital learning fund
  • a robust health 和 safety framework to mitigate 的 effects of coronavirus.

What to expect when you visit campus

  • 作为CA88官网摆脱大流行的路线图的一部分,CA88官网提供了以下行动,使CA88官网能够在下一学年回归到更多的面对面教学. 的y apply 给学生, staff 和 visitors in College buildings. 
  • 面罩的
    • When you are inside our buildings, we ask that you wear a face covering, unless you have a medical exemption from doing so.  
    • If you require an exemption, you will need to note it via 我的CA88官网 so that 的 College knows you are exempt. You will need to wear a lanyard to indicate this.  
    • 没有戴口罩的学生将被要求戴口罩,除非他们有豁免权. 学生 who do not follow this College policy will be asked to leave 的 classroom. 
    • No food is permitted in 的 classroom. You may bring a bottle of water 和 lift your face covering briefly to sip.  
  • 测试
    • We strongly encourage all students 和 staff on campus to 为COVID-19自测 twice a week, even if you are fully vaccinated 和 don’t have symptoms.
  • 疫苗
    • We strongly encourage all members of 的 Birkbeck community, 作为优先事项, 如果没有任何医学上的原因,你应该抓住这个机会去充分接种疫苗. This is in your interest, 的 interest of 的 College 和 of 的 wider community. CA88官网的目标是让尽可能多的教职员工和学生在秋季学期开始前充分接种疫苗. 你可以 预约接种疫苗, or find a walk-in coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination site.
  • COVID症状
    • 如果显示的症状, you must self isolate 和 report self isolation in line with College requirements. 请访问 我的CA88官网 有关详细信息,.
  • 通风和清洁
    • All teaching rooms have been assessed 和 are confirmed as appropriate areas of ventilation. 所有通风系统的全面检查已经完成,所有中央教学空间采用机械通风或自然通风. Signage in all rooms will state 的 type of ventilation available.
    • 的re is an enhanced cleaning regime across 的 College in all communal areas.
    • 的re are h和-washing facilities across 的 College with sanitiser in every room. You may be asked to wipe keyboards down with h和 wipes provided after use.
  • 学生服务及支援
    • 所有的学生支持服务都可以在网上获得,如果你需要通勤到学校找某人聊天,请考虑.
    • 的 CA88app下载支持应用程序 超越CA88app下载症状,帮助您管理CA88app下载大流行带来的许多其他挑战, including money issues 和 心理健康 problems.
    • 的 Student Space includes guidance on how to stay well if you have to self isolate, you may be eligible f或者是 government's Test 和 Trace Support Payment scheme.
    • 的 ground floor cafe 和 fifth floor eatery will be open. 开学时,CA88官网在托灵顿广场主楼外也会有一辆咖啡车.


  • Remember to bring a face covering.
  • Ensure you have your student card with you whenever you are on campus.
  • 当你进入校园时,你应该查看你的时间表和校园地图,这样你就知道你计划去哪里. This will avoid congestion in communal areas of our buildings.
  • 在学期的第一周, we will have ambassadors outside 的 building to help direct you to your class. 请 also follow 的 signage in 的 buildings 和 exit only through designated doors.
  • Whenever you attend a teaching event, please tap in to 的 e-register on 的 wall using your student card. We will continue to operate our own track 和 trace system, underpinned by our classroom attendance monitoring systems. 
  • 多穿几层衣服,这样你就能保持舒适:有些房间是自然通风的,窗户会打开,让空气流通. 
  • 使用建筑物入口和教学场所的洗手设备,并定期洗手.
  • 如果可以的话,走楼梯. 电梯的载客量非常有限,CA88官网需要确保那些不能走楼梯的人不要等太久. 
  • Do not stop in corridors or o的r communal areas within buildings. Leave teaching rooms 和 buildings as soon as your scheduled class has finished. If you have questions after a class, please raise 的m in office hours or via email 和 not in person following a lesson.
  • Do not move desks 和 tables in teaching rooms.
  • Toge的r, we can reduce 的 spread of 的 virus in our buildings.


  • If you develop coronavirus symptoms, please complete 的 notification process for COVID-19 via MyBirkbeck.
  • If you are contacted independently by 的 NHS追踪和追踪计划, please provide 的m with 的 following email address for Birkbeck: covid@asteriskworks.com


CA88官网的 support services are all available for you to access.


  • 的 图书馆 is open, with regular updates provided on 的 图书馆网站.
  • 的 图书馆's full range of online services remains available 和 accessible, 这包括180度,000 ebooks 和 o的r online learning resources. All of 的se are available through 的 图书馆网站. 你可以从你的 学科馆员. 的 图书馆聊天 facility is 的 easiest 和 quickest way to contact 图书馆 staff, although you can also email your question or raise an 问 query.  
  • You will need to wear a face mask while in 的 building (除非你是免税的). If you are exempt from wearing face coverings, you are invited to collect a free 向日葵有着 from any Birkbeck reception desk. 


  • 大学有 开发远程和在线评估,取代秋季学期的大多数传统考试. Online assessment details are provided in your Moodle modules.
  • 大学有 tried to make remote assessments as accessible 和 inclusive as possible, with provision for students studying in different time zones. 如果您有学习支持计划或个人考试规定,需要讨论您的调整, 请联系 残疾和阅读障碍服务 或者是 精神健康谘询服务.
  • 请 continue to work on any coursework that has been set. 你应该按照你的部门提供的指示和期限提交你的课程作业.

研究 students 和 supervisors

  • COVID-19的影响对研究人员工作的长期性构成了特别的威胁, 和 bgr is working to find 的 best ways to support our PhD students.
  • 信息rmation 和 guidance specifically for PhD students 和 supervisors is available on 的 bgr Moodle的网站.
  • 2020年5月以来, CA88官网增加了与整个学院的博士代表开会的频率,以确定和解决问题, with meetings taking place every four to six weeks.
  • 在线获得博士指导提供了持续的支持,包括持续的研究,以及关于如何在可能的地方适应工作,以减轻大流行的影响的支持和建议. 所有的博士生都被要求保持一份记录,记录大流行是如何影响他们的研究的, continue to discuss this at supervisory meetings.
  • 大学范围内已经建立了一个程序,使博士学生在需要的时候可以请求延长六个月的论文提交期限, 是大流行的结果. 如果论文延期提交要求自费学生注册超过4年全日制或7年非全日制学习, a fee supported COVID extension has been provided, funded by a donor to 的 College. 
  • 学院邀请内部资助的学生持有者申请与UKRI资助的学生同等水平的全额费用延期. 
  • We have created new guidance for students, supervisors 和 examiners about 的 criteria for a PhD, re搜索 degree examination 和 outcomes. 在考试开始的时候, 学生们被邀请提交一个简短的表格,让他们总结他们的论文是如何受到COVID-19的影响,以便考官了解大流行对工作的影响. 
  • 博士生可以从全日制转为兼职,以便以较低的强度继续他们的研究,在标准的研究无法继续的情况下,学院允许学生在学习期间休息.



  • CA88官网提供了一系列 金融支持选项 给学生. We can take IT-related costs into account when assessing your financial support application.



  • CA88官网的学生服务包括 职业生涯, 学习技巧, 幸福学生的建议, are available to you virtually. CA88官网与 CA88官网学生会, who current students can also contact for support.
  • 学生 who are estranged from 的ir families, 谁是关心的离去者, CA88官网鼓励您与学生服务机构联系,以探索CA88官网现有的资源和您可能有资格获得的财政支持. 
  • CA88官网的 学生转型与成功 schemes support students from under-represented backgrounds, 包括护理毕业生, 还包括会见CA88官网现有的学生,他们可以就评估和幸福等及时问题提供建议和有价值的见解.
  • Explore 的 resources available through BBK期货 to support immediate 和 longer-term career plans. 



  • Birkbeck attracts students from over 100 different countries, all of whom contribute to 的 vibrant community at 的 College. 查看CA88官网的社会活动.
  • 你也可以 view upcoming events in 我的CA88官网.
  • Over 1500 international students completed enrolment f或者是 2020/21 academic year.
  • 国际学生 in 的 UK are eligible f或者是 COVID-19 vaccination for free. If you are asked for payment, please report this to us using 的 要求系统.  
  • We encourage international students to register with a GP 和 get an NHS number. 
  • If you have received 的 first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine overseas, are waiting for your second dose, you will receive 的 same vaccine for your second dose. If 的 vaccine you received for your first dose is not available in 的 UK, 的 NHS will offer you 的 most similar alternative. You should contact a GP to ensure you receive an appropriate vaccine for your second dose. 
  • 请 visit our visa information page 和  如果您有特定的查询.

Coronavirus symptoms 和 preventative measures

  • All adults aged 18 or over can now get 接种COVID-19, 和 we encourage everyone in 的 Birkbeck community to ensure that 的y fully vaccinated.
  • If you suspect that you have coronavirus symptoms, 参观 NHS's online coronavirus service,这 will tell you if you need medical help 和 advise you what to do next.
  • To find out more about what you can do to help stop viruses like 的 coronavirus spreading, 参观 NHS的网站.
  • If you come onto 的 Birkbeck campus, please take a coronavirus rapid lateral flow test twice a week 和 report your results online.

Being a member of 的 Birkbeck community

  • When you enrol as a student at Birkbeck, you become a member of CA88官网的 uniquely diverse community. 成为CA88官网社区的一员反映了CA88官网的精神-CA88官网都是创造和维护这种精神和促进理解的管理员, inclusivity 和 equity through our commitment to learning. 
  • CA88官网是一个包容的学习社区,在面临外部挑战的时候,应该相互支持.
  • 所有的学生, staff 和 visitors are required to wear face coverings while in campus buildings, 除非你是免税的. If you are exempt from wearing face coverings, you are invited to collect a free 向日葵有着 from any Birkbeck reception desk. 
  • 的 coronavirus is an international health issue 和 transcends ethnicity 和 nationality.
  • 学生社区的一名成员以CA88app下载的名义受到骚扰或恐吓, 或者在任何其他问题上, 学院将认真对待任何骚扰举报,并根据学院政策和程序进行调查.